Monday, 26 December 2011

Outsource 3d rendering Services in Bangalore

At Offshore Process, we provide diverse rendering solutions to our customers to meet their specific needs. We specialise in various fields of rendering services. We offer solutions in 3D rendering services, product rendering services, architectural rendering services, interior rendering services, exterior rendering services, mechanical rendering services, product animation and Photorealistic rendering services. 

3D rendering services are helpful in visualising the buildings that are going to be built. We also apply 3D rendering services to 
   Residential Buildings
   Commercial Buildings
   Industrial Buildings
Our architectural rendering services helps to view interiors for various architectural buildings like office, commercial complex, house etc.
We also offer rendering services for
   Exterior view of all types of buildings
   Custom or modular furniture
   Landscaping Designing
   Structural Models

Paper to Cad Conversion Services Bangalore

Paper to CAD conversion services is often required when people need to convert paper drawings into CAD version. Offshore process is supporting global customers related to paper to CAD conversion services by offering cost effective outsourcing services. CAD refers to computer-aided design which makes use of computer technology to design objects irrespective of whether they are real or virtual. Paper to CAD drawingshas become increasingly common in businesses including ship building, aerospace, architectural, automotive, and structural industries. As their work is related to drawings, they usually need paper to CAD conversion services for documenting them. It has become the norm to scan paper drawings and then digitize them in different formats and graphics. 

We offer high-quality and affordable paper to CAD conversion services for digitized images. So, if you need accurate and precise conversions of paper drawings to AutoCAD files, you know where to go. While outsourcing paper drawings you can ship the drawings or you can send us scanned paper drawings in electronic format by mail that includes:
 Tiff to CAD drawing conversion
 JPEG to CAD drawing conversion
 PDF to CAD drawing conversion
To document the drawings and other information in an organized manner in order to prevent mishandling, damage, loss, destruction, etc., paper to CAD conversion services are required. It is difficult to handle, store, and manage huge amount of paper drawings and in this case, digitization is an effective solution. Businesses can outsource scanned drawings for converting to CAD. Drawings that need to be converted include roof plans, floor extension plans, foundation plans, and others. However, it is essential to understand why it is more beneficial tooutsource paper drawings instead of doing it on your own.

Cad Conversion Services Bangalore

At Offshore Process, we specialise in engineering as well as architectural CAD services. In engineering CAD services, we offer CAD services related to mechanical drawings, automobiles drawings, engineering graphical drawings and many other services related to engineering. We also specialise in varied architectural CAD services. We offer services like floor plans - planning and creation, plan drawings, structural drawings, elevation planning and drawings, house plans – creations and drawings and many other varied services. Some of the services that we offer in engineering sector are listed below.
2D Shop Drawings
3D Modelling
Working CAD drawings
Hand sketch /Paper to CAD
3D Furniture Visualisation
Fire Protection Plans
Electrical and electronics CAD
HVAC Isometrics and Layout
Structural Drawings
Piping layout
Structural Steel Detailing Plans
Electrical wiring Diagrams
Services that we offer in architectural sector are as given below.

House Plans
3D Visualisation
Floor Plan Conversions
Floorplanner plans
Architectural design detailing
Interior decoration illustrations
Exterior visualizations

Scanning Services Company Bangalore

Offshore process offer a wide range of solutions in document scanning and data maintenance services. Our scanning services help to convert manual data into digitised data. We offer scanning services to cater to needs of customers who want fast and accurate conversion of hardcopy data to soft copy data.

Range Of Scanning Services We Offer
Document digitisation
Periodicals and news paper Scanning
Photo and image digitisation
Drawing Scanning
Microfiche Scanning
Film digitisation
Medical Record Scanning
Aperture Card Scanning

Microfilm Scanning                                                                                            
Offshore Process provides excellent document scanning services in India reducing all your hassles related to papers. Our professionals will transform large volumes of paper to digital images that will be stored on CDs. We provide high-quality scanning keeping all key aspects in mind. You get accurate document scanning whenever you trust us. We can easily scan large number of documents at affordable price. If you need editable scanned documents, we can run your documents through optical character recognition (OCR) software. The scanned images are easily searchable and add to work efficiency.

Outsource Data Conversion Services in Bangalore

Offshore process offer best data conversion services in India, and you can rely on us for any type of data conversion requirements. We have several satisfied clients and are happy to state that the number is growing constantly. By choosing to outsource data conversionservices, you can relieve yourself the burden and botheration and do what you are best at.

Data is encoded in the computer environments in different ways. Each program uses the data in a different format. For instance, the method by which an operating system interprets a certain type of data is entirely different from how the computer hardware interprets it. In such circumstances, data conversion is a must since a lot of important functions are dependent on it. Nonetheless, this task requires a lot of time, money, staff, and resources, which create a dilemma for the organizations. Concentrating on data conversion can waste valuable time and yet it is something which cannot be ignored. The only solution to this problem is to outsource data conversion services .

Best Data Entry Company at Bangalore

We offer affordable price for different data entry services. There are mainly two types in data entry process:
Online data entry services: Outsourcing online data entry services has become more now days since offshore staffs can easily access the customer work through internet such as Travel booking, Event scheduling, webreasearch, customer support and much more services. If you give us your requirement we deliver the results in cost effective manner with quality process.
Offline data entry services : Offline data entry services is most commonly used by offshore companies in their regular process like customer send us the hard copy or raw files based on it we do the digital entry process such as Tax forms, legal forms, survey forms, Health care services and Financial services. You can ship your documents or mail us in electronic format so we provide accurate output files with quick turnaround.