Monday, 26 December 2011

Virtual Staffing Services

Our offshore staffing solutions help to fill both temporary or permanent positions and long term or short-term contract positions. 

We provide the following solutions for offshore staffing:

* Offshore staffing solution

*Outsource offshore staffing services

*Virtual staffing services

*Remote staffing services

*Set up an offshore team

*Set up an offshore company

*Virtual office services

We enable our customers to hire offshore staff at lesser cost. We receive the job details and requirements from the customers and invite applicants as per the requirements from customers. We communicate directly with the applicants on behalf of the customers and conduct the interviews and select offshore staff for our clients. We also do background check, reference check and screening test of applicants. We also conduct orientation programs for the employees. We also conduct skill set training and technology training as, well as personality training courses for the offshore staffing employees.

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