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Virtual Staffing Services

Our offshore staffing solutions help to fill both temporary or permanent positions and long term or short-term contract positions. 

We provide the following solutions for offshore staffing:

* Offshore staffing solution

*Outsource offshore staffing services

*Virtual staffing services

*Remote staffing services

*Set up an offshore team

*Set up an offshore company

*Virtual office services

We enable our customers to hire offshore staff at lesser cost. We receive the job details and requirements from the customers and invite applicants as per the requirements from customers. We communicate directly with the applicants on behalf of the customers and conduct the interviews and select offshore staff for our clients. We also do background check, reference check and screening test of applicants. We also conduct orientation programs for the employees. We also conduct skill set training and technology training as, well as personality training courses for the offshore staffing employees.

Printing Services in Bangalore

Offshore process is one of the leading printing services based in Bangalore, India with years of rich experience in this field. Right from the initial design to printing the final product, our professionals are adept at creating powerful concepts and ensure high quality printing job at affordable prices. During the printing process, we work in close interaction with your company representative to ensure there is no miscommunication and you get just what you expected.

      If you are planning to outsource printing services, you can call us right now. We will be happy to handle any of your custom printing requirements to the best of our ability. Our reputation is backed strongly by our commitment to quality work delivered on time.We have the latest printing equipment for UV printing and 4-colour printing handled by expertly trained professionals who strive for excellence at all times. Our service is geared towards perfection. All our processes are done in-house using the latest pre-press, graphic designs and post production equipment. Throughout the process, we also keep in mind our esteemed client’s budgets and other preferences

Photo Shoot Services Bangalore

Offshore Process offers both commercial and private photo shoot services and takes pride in the fact that we have a number of esteemed clients. Our photographers are passionate about photography and know the nuances of taking a perfect picture.
We specialize in transforming products and models to look their best based on the specific requirements of the client. We at Offshore process have a well equipped photo studio to take care of all your photography needs. It is no secret that high-quality photographs play a key role in making a website or publication appealing. When you see the results of our photo shoot, you will be glad you chose us to outsource photo shoot services.

      You can also contact us for portfolio shoots and model photo shootservices. It requires an altogether different approach and vision. Photo shoot services are nowadays has more to do with the correct vision and have more to do with art and composition. The work of the photographer is to define the vision correctly and display to the world the subtle messages hidden in his/her work to promote their subject in this case the model.

outsource image clipping services

We offer affordable clipping path services in India with perfect detailing. You will get just right outlines when you outsource image clipping services to us. You will be amazed at the quality of final images.
Our clipping path service includes:
  • Photoshop masking
  • Image cut out
  • Photo background removal services
  • Image extraction services
  • Image processing services
  • Clipping path is usually done using the pen tool in Photoshop. Clipping path is drawn around the image that needs to be clipped from its background. After clipping path, the final image should be perfect with neat and soft edges. When applying clipping path to edit an image, whatever is inside the path remains in the final outcome and whatever is outside the path is clipped. Editing images using clipping path is being demanded greatly in the past few years. The reason is that the final image after its background is removed looks amazing. Other options to drop the background from an image are not as effective as clipping path.

Outsource Photo Background Remover Bangalore

There are often circumstances where people find a very good image which fulfills their requirements but there is some small problem marring it. The problem can have an impact on the message you want to convey due to which one may need to make some changes and amendments to the image. Similarly, sometimes the background doesn't reflect the true nature of the image, there are some other images included or there can be a myriad of other problems associated with it. Image background removal services are highly valued in these situations

Offshore Process provides image background removal services which not only aids in making changes to your image but also offers a different and individual look. People often use scanned and digital images which have to be edited before use. Image clipping and image extraction services can be utilized in blending the image with the suitable background. Professionals of our firms are an old hand and these tasks and can handle them with √©lan and ease.  They are trained in the art ofphoto cutout services and image background removal services and are aware of all the vital steps.

Outsource Image Editing Service

Image editing services are used in processing photographs and images. Outsourcing images to offshore process will be great advantage because you get high quality outputs at competitive prices. We work in different time zones to meet delivery schedules since our regular customers are from different parts of the globe. We also offer Graphic Art Services. Various services we provide under i mage editing are:

*Image background removal services

*Image clipping path services

*Photo shoot services

*Image retouching services

*Image raster to vector conversion services

*Image resizing services

*Image extraction services

*Image processing services

Outsource 3d rendering Services in Bangalore

At Offshore Process, we provide diverse rendering solutions to our customers to meet their specific needs. We specialise in various fields of rendering services. We offer solutions in 3D rendering services, product rendering services, architectural rendering services, interior rendering services, exterior rendering services, mechanical rendering services, product animation and Photorealistic rendering services. 

3D rendering services are helpful in visualising the buildings that are going to be built. We also apply 3D rendering services to 
   Residential Buildings
   Commercial Buildings
   Industrial Buildings
Our architectural rendering services helps to view interiors for various architectural buildings like office, commercial complex, house etc.
We also offer rendering services for
   Exterior view of all types of buildings
   Custom or modular furniture
   Landscaping Designing
   Structural Models

Paper to Cad Conversion Services Bangalore

Paper to CAD conversion services is often required when people need to convert paper drawings into CAD version. Offshore process is supporting global customers related to paper to CAD conversion services by offering cost effective outsourcing services. CAD refers to computer-aided design which makes use of computer technology to design objects irrespective of whether they are real or virtual. Paper to CAD drawingshas become increasingly common in businesses including ship building, aerospace, architectural, automotive, and structural industries. As their work is related to drawings, they usually need paper to CAD conversion services for documenting them. It has become the norm to scan paper drawings and then digitize them in different formats and graphics. 

We offer high-quality and affordable paper to CAD conversion services for digitized images. So, if you need accurate and precise conversions of paper drawings to AutoCAD files, you know where to go. While outsourcing paper drawings you can ship the drawings or you can send us scanned paper drawings in electronic format by mail that includes:
 Tiff to CAD drawing conversion
 JPEG to CAD drawing conversion
 PDF to CAD drawing conversion
To document the drawings and other information in an organized manner in order to prevent mishandling, damage, loss, destruction, etc., paper to CAD conversion services are required. It is difficult to handle, store, and manage huge amount of paper drawings and in this case, digitization is an effective solution. Businesses can outsource scanned drawings for converting to CAD. Drawings that need to be converted include roof plans, floor extension plans, foundation plans, and others. However, it is essential to understand why it is more beneficial tooutsource paper drawings instead of doing it on your own.

Cad Conversion Services Bangalore

At Offshore Process, we specialise in engineering as well as architectural CAD services. In engineering CAD services, we offer CAD services related to mechanical drawings, automobiles drawings, engineering graphical drawings and many other services related to engineering. We also specialise in varied architectural CAD services. We offer services like floor plans - planning and creation, plan drawings, structural drawings, elevation planning and drawings, house plans – creations and drawings and many other varied services. Some of the services that we offer in engineering sector are listed below.
2D Shop Drawings
3D Modelling
Working CAD drawings
Hand sketch /Paper to CAD
3D Furniture Visualisation
Fire Protection Plans
Electrical and electronics CAD
HVAC Isometrics and Layout
Structural Drawings
Piping layout
Structural Steel Detailing Plans
Electrical wiring Diagrams
Services that we offer in architectural sector are as given below.

House Plans
3D Visualisation
Floor Plan Conversions
Floorplanner plans
Architectural design detailing
Interior decoration illustrations
Exterior visualizations

Scanning Services Company Bangalore

Offshore process offer a wide range of solutions in document scanning and data maintenance services. Our scanning services help to convert manual data into digitised data. We offer scanning services to cater to needs of customers who want fast and accurate conversion of hardcopy data to soft copy data.

Range Of Scanning Services We Offer
Document digitisation
Periodicals and news paper Scanning
Photo and image digitisation
Drawing Scanning
Microfiche Scanning
Film digitisation
Medical Record Scanning
Aperture Card Scanning

Microfilm Scanning                                                                                            
Offshore Process provides excellent document scanning services in India reducing all your hassles related to papers. Our professionals will transform large volumes of paper to digital images that will be stored on CDs. We provide high-quality scanning keeping all key aspects in mind. You get accurate document scanning whenever you trust us. We can easily scan large number of documents at affordable price. If you need editable scanned documents, we can run your documents through optical character recognition (OCR) software. The scanned images are easily searchable and add to work efficiency.